2 year anniversary: Scott

Recently Ratio’s Web Practice Lead, Scott Grogan, celebrated his 2 year anniversary with Ratio. To commemorate his time at Ratio we caught up with Scott to reflect on his experiences and learnings.

What was your favorite project that you have worked on and why?

My favorite project here is still Foursquare. So many challenging problems to solve, but the finished product and seeing the positive feedback in the app store made it all extremely worthwhile.

What is a list of the technologies/ languages that you use?

Well, my favorites are JavaScript/NodeJS, Python and Puppet. But other languages I have experience with are Ruby, Bash, Java, ActionScript 3 and .NET/Razor. Also data storage engines that I use include MySQL, SQLIte, MongoDB, Redis and Riak.

What is a technology or language that you are particularly interested in watching mature over the next year?

Michele turned me onto Firebase recently. They were recently acquired by Google, and while I’ve only gotten the chance to work with it in my personal time so far, I can see it being a huge boon as we move towards data-driven multi-screen app development.

Lastly, what is your favorite part of working on the Web team?

The opportunities to learn. The web is an ever-changing landscape, and I’m constantly humbled by all the things I don’t know yet.

“Scott is a true professional. He has a cavernous store of knowledge of full-stack web development and cloud-based infrastructure he is constantly adding to. The answer to a lot of questions around here is “ask Scott!” Beyond being knowledgable, he is consistent in keeping promises, generating an unreal amount of quality work output, and providing maximum value to clients. As a Practice Lead at Ratio, he fosters an open, engaged, supportive environment for his team. He is always quick to help, patient, and innovative in his solutions to problems. I love having Scott on our team!”

-Jon Arnold (VP of Development)