Last year, we started what has now become a tradition. Seattle is known for having the best fans in the NFL, and when the Seahawks won the 2013 NFC Championship, we decided to do something about it! We launched a geolocation game and campaign for fans in Seattle and around 2000 people participated. A year later and another NFC Championship win later, Team Ratio wanted to do something BIG! Always up for a challenge, we wanted to take this year’s FanHunt to a whole new level! Full of ideas and energized about the big win, we decided to roll up our sleeves and develop a plan. We wanted to drive the experience forward and decided to team up with a Seattle-based agency, called Wexley School for Girls, known for creating big ideas! After several concept sessions, we landed on an idea that celebrated what it means to be 12 in Seattle. Our goal was to immerse the fans into the history of both the Seahawks and the city, while leaving them excited about this new era. Clear on our mission, we began to get started!

There was a lot to accomplish, so we assembled a diverse team of developers, designers, and strategists to bring it all together. As Wexley dialed in some creative, we dove into the technical challenges. After doing most of the heavy technical lifting for last year’s12 Manhunt, we were able to leverage what we did with location to validate check-ins based on their GPS location. To do this we had created a JSON object that included latitude and longitude and an accuracy level which described a radius around the location that we considered acceptable for an “in-range” check in.

GreenLake GeoGate Selfie


Having much of the technology built, we were able to focus on some things that we wanted to improve, like getting it working on Windows Phone. When our Dev team were building and testing last year’s hunt they found out that Internet Explorer on Windows Phone didn’t allow webpages to access the photos on the device so we had to restrict the contest to iOS and Android users. Unfortunately, this wasn’t well received by Windows Phone users, but there was nothing we could do to fix it. This year we were happy to discover that Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.1 allowed us to use photos from the device for our selfie feature. While we’re still dialing in a few things, this year’s FanHunt was extremely successful and we couldn’t have been more excited about how it turned out. Our team developed an algorithm to randomly select the winner, and we couldn’t have picked her better ourselves. Born and raised Seahawk, she lives and breathes the game. Blue to the core, she brought her best 12 to the hunt and did the city proud in the process! Big thanks to all who participated and to the team for getting this setup on a tight deadline!