Let the 2013 Ratio Winter Games Begin!

While Winters in Seattle are usually very mild, the reality is Seattlelites can expect to have a lack of vitamin D until around…July 5th.  What is Ratio doing to battle those Winter blues…the Inaugural Ratio Winter Games!

The first ever Ratio Winter Games are the brain child of Lina Sugimoto and Patty Hernandez, aka the Dynamic Duo.  In the spirit of teamwork and competition, we broke into 12 random teams and these teams will compete across 5 events for  the overall Gold, Silver and Bronze medals along with some secret prizes to be announced!

The Games began on November 11th and will conclude December 13th.  Included in the games are the following events:

Event 1:  Warmth for the Winter – From November 11-27

Partnering with Buzzbee for the 2nd year, Ratio will be hosting a donation drive to raise “warm” items like Coats, blankets, gloves, hats and scarves to donate to an organization called Wellspring Family Services as part of their Giving Together program.  Each team will compete to see who can raise the most items, but ultimately our goal is to smash our donation last year of 432 coats.

Event 2: Create a Mascot – November 11-15

Each team has a week to come up with a Ratio mascot.   Everyone gets a vote and the winning team has a chance to dive deeper into designing Ratio’s new official mascot.  Take a look at the submissions in the image above!

Event 3:  Teamgiving Day – November 22nd

For our All Hands lunch Friday the 22nd, instead of the usual lunches ordered in, the 12 teams will compete in a cook off, the theme – CROCKPOT!  Voting will be done by the end of the same day, may the tastiest dish reign supreme.

Event 4: Ping Pong Off – December 4th – 6th

12 teams enter, 1 team will remain.  Each team will choose two players for a single elimination doubles tournament, winner takes all.  As a consolation, players can watch Balls of Fury and Ping Pong Playa in the losers lounge.

Event 5: Scavenger Hunt – December 13th

To keep teams from getting a head start, details are being withheld.  Oh it’s that serious.

Follow the progress on our Facebook Page and Twitter, and let the games begin!