Ratio 2013 Warmth for the Winter Drive

As Thanksgiving is upon us, Ratio has plenty to be thankful for.  Just earlier this year in July, Ratio Interactive and Cypress merged and we have witnessed first-hand how the sum of two parts can become something greater than ever possible by themselves.

As we’ve grown, we also recognize the opportunity to give back to the wonderful community that both our companies were started in. Buzzbee and Ratio are hosting a donation drive to raise coats, blankets, gloves, hats and scarves benefiting Wellspring Family Services and its “Giving Together” holiday campaign.

To help kick start this effort, the “Warmth Drive” was launched as part of the inaugural Ratio Winter Games.  We divided our Ratio employees into 12 teams competing in 5 events through the end of the year. The warm clothes drive was the first challenge, running 1 week long through November 27th.  In addition to the piles of coats we saw in our donation bins, the competition inspired some of the teams to take their efforts to the next level!  One team in particular, the “Dawgfathers” created their own website to spread the word and give our peers, friends and family a way to donate directly to Wellspring Family Services.   All they asked was that folks used the tribute gift option when making the donation by adding “Ratio – Team Dawgfather” in the donation.  We loved the idea and it put all the other teams on alert to step up their game!

Today the 1 week drive ended and the results are in!  The 12 teams together raised:

  • 400 coats, outer wear, and blankets
  • 142 scarves, gloves, hats, other miscellaneous items
  • $1250 in Cash Donations

Of special note, Team Dawgfather raised $620 through it’s website, making up almost half of all 12 teams cash donations raised!  We will be meeting up with Buzzbee next week and together we hope to be able to assist with the over 1000 homeless children and families that Wellspring will be serving this winter.

According to Wellspring, on any given night in King County, more than 8,000 people are experiencing the effects of homelessness including 2,000 children.  Statewide this number increase to more than 20,000, nearly half of which are families.  These numbers are truly sobering.   Even though our Warmth Drive is over, Wellspring Family Services can ALWAYS use the help.  If you’d like to help, feel free to contact us at hello@WeAreRatio.com or contact Wellspring Family Service directly here.

Happy Thanksgiving and stay warm!


Team Ratio