Ratio in a bottle

Ratio has its own brewery! Well, not quite, but we did make our own beer. As a little experiment for our CRUX (Creative/UX) team one of our designers, Matt Flores, whipped up some home brew so we could collaborate on some awesome label designs. We wanted the opportunity to break out of our bounds a little bit and do a print design project as a nice contrast to our daily work making digital apps and websites. It would also allow us to come together as a team to critique each other’s work and have a little fun at the same time.

Matt has been making beer for a few years and decided to brew up a “Ratio Red” ale to match our fresh new brand. After a couple hours of brewing up the ingredients and setting it away to ferment for a couple weeks, our CRUX team could start brainstorming. We came up with a white board full of ideas on the theme “red”, everything from sunburns and foxes, to hot sauce and lumberjack beards.


Following the initial brainstorming session we all went our separate ways and came up with some quick ideas based on our favorite concepts. After coming back together to critique and discuss we decided that we still weren’t happy yet with any of the directions. We split off again and came back in a week with a new concept based around a devil’s pitchfork, since it was a “dark red ale.” Once we felt confident with the direction the team had a final meeting to toss in all their final feedback to get the design as polished as possible.

Ratio Red Beer

After printing the labels we decided to have a little more fun with it and hand-draw half of the labels. With our trusty assortment of pens, markers, and sharpies the team made 20 unique designs. We debuted the beer to the company at our yearly summer barbecue last weekend and it was a huge hit! Having the hand-made labels made it fun for people to compare and check out each one.

The project was a blast and we are eagerly awaiting batch #2. We can’t wait to see what the next label looks like and give it a taste!

Post by Matt Flores, UI Designer