The New Apple TV

Ratio is super excited about the launch of the new Apple TV and the opening of Apple’s living room device to the broad market of media and entertainment companies who want to be there. The original Apple TV lagged behind in terms of the innovation and evolution we’ve seen over the last few years in the constellation of the other connected living room devices competing for consumers dollars and focus.

As people watch an increasing amount of video over the top, and not through traditional pay-TV / cable subscriptions, we believe competition among the device manufacturers will only increase. In spite of its lack of innovation, the Apple TV has enjoyed widespread success and adoption and holds a top spot among connectedTV devices. With this new announcement and the opening of the Apple TV App Store, we believe Apple is firmly committing to being a leader in the living room space, and that we’ll see continued innovation on their part moving forward. As a leading multi-screen video company, Ratio is excited with these announcements and looks forward to launching current and future customers on the new Apple TV.

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– Nate