The proof is in the challenge!

As a developer, I love working with different technologies, and different platforms. New stuff. I recently primarily worked in windows development, (with C#/XAML as well as some HTML/JavaScript) and was was really excited at the opportunity to get to play around and develop in Android with Java & XML. It’s been a great experience and there are quite a few similarities in development between Windows and Android. Both the structures/concept of the layouts and code-behind are similar.

Windows and Android require being smart about adaptive design for the different size form factors and layouts. One of the biggest adjustments in figuring out Android lies in how different pages interact, through the android constructs of “Activities”, “Fragments”, and “Intents”. Not only is it tricky for Android, but all mobile platforms in general is dealing with limited computing resources. This is especially exacerbated in Android, whose platform that has numerous versions of the OS out in the market at the same time. It takes a bit to get used to in terms of targeting platforms, and understanding what you do and don’t have across those versions of platforms in respects to APIs and structures that Android provides. We haven’t encountered the edge cases between versions on my current project, but it’s something to consider when trying to provide an experience that is optimized for as many versions and devices as possible. Fun stuff.