Uncovering Great Talent

It’s no secret that Seattle is a global hub for tech companies and tech talent alike. According to  a CNBC article, there were over 4,000 available positions in Washington state last year for those with computer science degrees and only 500 university-credentialed candidates.

With fierce competition from tech giants, startups, and industry stalwarts, it’s a massive challenge for companies find and compete for the best and brightest to join their teams. We’ve been a part of this environment since 2002 and we are always looking for a better model that fits us and helps us find the talent we crave.

We have our framework for making decisions on candidates we value and place focus on our 4 C’s: Culture, Capacity, Craft and Curiosity. This has helped us find the right team members and grow our team successfully, but finding potential candidates in this market is extremely difficult. So a couple years ago we made a change in our approach – we started looking closely at Coding Bootcamps.

Coding bootcamps, like Code Fellows, empower individuals to change their lives and pursue a career in the software industry. We’ve learned firsthand the quality of talent that can rise from Code Fellows as we have the great pleasure of having two alumni as a part of our Engineering team; Seth Moore and Goutham Reddy.

We recently partnered with Code Fellows to host an Alumni Networking night. There was a  panel discussion focused on what a developer’s journey looks like after completing school or a coding bootcamp and finding a job and what it’s like once you are doing the work. Following the initial set of questions for the panel, an engaging Q&A from the guests ensued. It was a great night and we felt lucky to have that kind of conversation happen in our home, connecting with great people on the edge of their entry into their new career is really exciting.

We also got to share great examples of how our culture has an impact on those looking to find the right place to work for them and how that is established in the interview process. Goutham  (a panelist and Code Fellows alum) described his interview experience, “At Ratio it was more than straight whiteboarding, it’s a conversation.”

Joscelyn Kim, a junior Engineer on our iOS team and UW Bothell grad, noted, “Ratio was definitely different, one of the big differences was they gave me a project to do beforehand and then showcase my project before the interview. That gave me a confidence boost and showed me Ratio actually cares.”

Check out the full panel discussion here.