Senior Software Development Engineer

What you’ll do:

  • Create delightful software that users love
  • Collaborate across teams and Practices in an Agile environment
  • Feature scope, plan and estimate
  • Work with high visibility clients and brands
  • Constantly learn and explore new languages & technologies

What you’ll need:

  • High level of curiosity and passion for learning
  • Ability to work and lead through ambiguity
  • Customer and User experience focused
  • Excellent communication skills with both technical and non-technical people


Experience we value:

  • Experience with modern frameworks
  • Experience with cloud services
  • Familiarity with Scrum, Agile, XP development methodologies
  • Understanding the tradeoffs of common architectural patterns
  • Version Control Software
  • Test Driven Development
  • RESTful web service integration
  • Degree or Certification course is highly encouraged
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment
  • ~5+ years of professional development experience

Technologies we are currently utilizing:

  • iOS/Swift, Android/Java, Node, JS, Roku/Brightscript, C#, Xaml, React, Unity/VR
  • Relational and NoSQL databases
  • AWS, Azure, Serverless
  • Alexa, Google Home, Cortana, Lex
  • CircleCI, Jenkins, Github


More Open Engineering Positions

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The Web Practice lives by one simple statement: Make things better. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve our tools, skills, and habits. We’re curious, and motivated to extend beyond what we’re familiar with. We’re not specialists, but we recognize each other’s strengths, and we grow as a team. 

iOS Software Engineer


The iOS Team at Ratio, aka The Best Team, is the portrait of professionalism. We believe in elegant solutions to problems, without fighting the Apple frameworks, all with an eye towards the best user experience and satisfied customers. We believe black turtlenecks and blue jeans are the highest expression of beauty and the peak human experience. Also, we have tasty Kool-Aid.

Android Software Engineer


Our Android team is a close-knit group of engineers who love creating solutions to technical problems.  We are a motivated group who share a set of common values.  Among them are: clean code, performant code, testable code, working together, good communication, continuous learning, continuous integration, simplicity.  Together, we strive to give all of our stakeholders the best experiences possible.