Your audience = people, not screens.

Most marketers will tell you that we live in a world made of screens. But screens can’t do anything. You have to reach the people behind the screens, connect with them, move them, involve them, and engage them to make things happen. Ratio makes sure that people who love your brand (even if they don’t know it yet) can connect with you on the screens they prefer. So on the surface, yes, we create applications that help you deliver content on mobile and web devices, connected devices, gaming consoles, IPTV, and whatever screens that come along next. But beneath that, we create connections, human interactions, meaningful experiences with your brand that turn into lasting relationships with real people—and real value for your brand. That takes an astonishing range of skills, the most important of which is the ability to identify and create skills that don’t exist yet. It takes understanding business, then developing smart strategies to reach people, then using art and technology in new ways to give them the content they want. So, no, we don’t really design and develop apps for devices. We design and develop for people. Because it’s the clickers, texters, tappers, viewers and likers who matter—not the screens.