Aaron Johnson

Associate Creative Director

Aaron is the Associate Creative Director at Ratio. A self-taught designer with a wide ranging background of experience and deep passion for art, music, and thoughtful design. Aaron spent his formative years as a touring musician and designing for a wide variety of mediums including apparel, print, and signage. With a shift to a larger involvement in the sign industry, he spent several years leading production and installation teams. Throughout those years he executed on the designs of skilled journeyman sign makers and was able to learn all the fundamentals of color, typography, and layout from masters in the craft. Making the decision to focus exclusively on the digital medium brought him to Ratio where he has showcased his craft across a myriad of digital experiences that reach millions of users daily. As a lead, he focuses on fostering creativity, producing quality work and establishing a more cohesive bond between design and engineering practices all while focusing on creating experiences that users love.