Michele Zorzella

Systems Integration & Web Practice Lead

Michele is the SI and Web Practice lead at Ratio. Software development is much more than a job for him, it’s a passion. At Ratio he has designed, developed, and led our efforts for a variety of applications ranging from complex apps that allow access to digital content to high level board meeting management systems. He loves to learn about new technologies and methodologies and mentoring others. He always approaches his work with a quality-without-compromise standard.

Michele started his career in his home town of Verona, Italy. After working in various software companies, he decided to make a go on his own. He helped build one of the country’s top software companies, applying Agile and TDD methodologies to create large-scale projects for local and multinational clients. Running his own company taught him that software development is not all about technology—it’s about people and understanding their needs.

Love and the lure of Seattle’s technology scene brought Michele to the Northwest. He landed a job at Ratio where he found the kind of technology-savvy and people-focused culture he values. He spends his free time exploring Seattle with his family, treating friends to authentic Italian dinners, and occasionally, getting out to play some jazz drums.