Mike Hitchcock

Android Practice Lead

Mike started his own General Contracting company in his mid 20’s. After a few years and a struggling economy, he decided to go back to school. Mike loved computers as a kid, starting with writing programs on his Texas Instruments TI-99 home computer. So Mike decided that he would pursue a CS degree, eventually graduating from UW Bothell.

Mike started his career at Ratio as an intern. Since then, Mike's main focus has been on Android development, and in 2015 he worked his way into the Android Practice Lead role. Mike takes a pragmatic approach to developing and to managing people. The work experience he gained in the construction industry and from running his own company enhances Mike's ability to see his role through the eyes of the business.

Mike sees himself as a problem solver first. He loves the challenges that writing code and developing people bring. Every day is a new challenge, and Mike loves coming to work because of that.