Russ Whitman


Russ serves as Ratio’s Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Operating Officer. With 20 years of entrepreneurial and start-up experience in Internet enabled markets, Russ brings a unique blend of creative, technical, business and product development experience that’s tested in the real world.

Over the last 6 years he has lead Ratio’s Mobile engagements across iOS, Android, Windows, TV and Web platforms with a focus on creating compelling experiences that meet client brand and business objectives. Russ has lead over 100 successful product releases from ideation to launch while at Ratio, helping clients reach millions of users, win awards and build value in their digital strategy.

An innovator that believes in a “user first” mindset, Russ leads our Strategy, Engineering and CRUX (Creative UX) teams to design and develop exceptional products.

Russ has proven time and time again his ability to lead and grow businesses from the ground up, combining great vision, a broad understanding of technology, and the strategic mind to put all the pieces together.