AerNow: iOS, Android, Web, Apple TV, Xbox & FireTV

Users want to engage in content from their phone to their TV and everywhere in between. Aernow is a technology and digital media company building an all-new way to connect audiences everywhere with video content and live events. With new interactivity and immersive viewer experiences, they enable let brands, talent, and producers to engage with fans like never before.

Spanning the entire digital video experience, AerNow delivers power and ease to any content producer through a data-oriented ecosystem built to drive business value. This “Glass to Glass” ecosystem puts producers in charge as they capture, share, manage and monetize their video content.

Ratio is very well versed in the OTT space — building applications that focus around video on multiple platforms. Aernow selected Ratio with a vision for how they wanted users to experience different types of entertainment on multiple platforms. We sat down with the AerNow team and learned about the brand and their history of working with their sub-brands like Always Evolving Racing and their recent acquisition of Replay XD. Always Evolving is a racing team with a few different cars that participate in different types of racing. Replay XD is similar to GoPro but these cameras are much more badass. They can withstand fire, submersion, all while pushing different types of information through the video feed. Because of these business strategies, it only made sense that we focused the V1 product and use cases around motorsports. We completed some extensive research — looking into various successful competitors like Redbull, X Games, Netflix, YouTube, even some video games like Forza and Dirt Rally. This gave a nice comparative landscape to look at features and interactions.

In conjunction with the research, we completed a brand audit that gave us a look into the current landscape of content and also a great starting point for a mood board — this was a crucial step as they already had an identity built. Capturing their current brand was very important to keep the consistency throughout while being true to the screen the user would experience both the content and brand. TV's are not just really big phones :) We built the AerNow experience across multiple device platforms - iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile & Tablet, Responsive Web, Apple TV, Fire TV & Xbox 360. Multi-screen projects have unique challenges to launching, from design through development and store submission, these projects are tricky due to all the nuance and key details driven by the various platforms.

Leveraging our Ratio TV framework we were able to accelerate the timeline, bringing the project to market quickly. This model offers Aernow the ability to make changes to key aspects of the application from the back-end service. Updating the service impacts all apps in real time, saving lots of time and cost from updating and resubmitting each app.

If you want to see a ton of great race or surfing or motorcycle footage or just love heart pounding video content check out Aernow on your favorite device and start watching today!