What can you make with thousands of recipes?

How about an entirely new standard for digital cookbooks?

Allrecipies had thousands of recipes that users had contributed and rated, so they took the best of them and made them into gorgeous videos. (Unlike most cooking videos, the stars were the food, not the chefs.) Allrecipes already had a successful iOS app that presented this content but they wanted an even better one. That’s a tall order, but when you experience the Allrecipes Video Cookbook app for iOS, we think you’ll agree—this one is better.

We helped the cream rise to the top...

The Allrecipes Video Cookbook was created to offer an optimized UI for both the iPad and iPhone. We grouped over 700 recipes into searchable categories, then gave users access to ingredients, step-by step instructions, and reviews from the Allrecipes community. But the real beauty is using video to navigate through the recipes. The app offers a unique navigation model for the videos—each step in the recipe is tied to its place in the video. As the video plays, the app highlights the text for the corresponding step. The step numbers are also the navigation—by just touching one, you jump to that part of the video without having to scrub back and forth to find it. The app also leverages content through a web service so Allrecipes can keep the content fresh.

...and created a fundamentally better way to use video.

Timing the navigation and the content creates a new way for cooks to use video—and results in a fundamentally better experience. And Allrecipes provides the app for free, with more video recipes added all the time, so it’s set to be a staple on iPads and iPhones in kitchens everywhere—for a long time to come.