We helped AT&T customers connect to the best parts of their digital lives.

AT&T wanted to create a way for their customers to keep their images, documents, music, and other digital files all in one place—and use them from lots of different Windows 8 devices. We helped AT&T build a cloud-based locker product that they could preload onto all Windows 8 phone devices sold in their stores. It takes advantage of Win8 Modern design language for tablets and phones, so it’s easy to use, especially if users already have Windows 8 on a computer. It also integrates with AT&T’s APIs and storage services for Win8, and is a part of their portfolio of locker apps for Android, iOS, and the web.

Locker adds value that helps AT&T keep customers happy, and that reduces churn. And Locker will continue to get better—we have an ongoing relationship with AT&T to keep improving, refining, and supporting Locker as the Windows 8 OS evolves.