We used the video gamer’s device of choice to distribute fitness content.

Sneaky and subversive? Yes. But smart...

DailyBurn.com is a leading online health and fitness brand with roughly 2.5 million members. It delivers first-class video workout programs and personalized nutrition plans on demand by streaming HD-quality workouts to the screens their members love and use. We partnered with DailyBurn to release an Xbox 360 app that reaches over 50 million Xbox LIVE subscribers. It incorporates unique features including overlays that let users track context and show data on video time, time left, chapter, and other metrics.

We helped give users that burning feeling.

We deployed the app using our Xbox application framework, RatioTV, so media companies can reach the skyrocketing numbers of Xbox LIVE users. RatioTV also helped DailyBurn launch on a highly accelerated timeline, and provided unique monetization features, dynamic navigation, layouts and content in near real-time via integration with their existing content systems. Now DailyBurn’s members can access their workouts on the big screen via Xbox. And DailyBurn can reach a whole new audience of potential members via RatioTV – a platform that operates at costs well below established standards.