Welcome Disney Movies Anywhere to Xbox 360 & Roku

The Challenge

Disney Movies Anywhere is truly that - the ability to access Disney movies on whatever device you're using. To achieve the goal of ubiquitous coverage, Disney has their own backend systems to manage all user records, purchases and associated content access and entitlements. Ratio was tasked with creating new Roku and Xbox 360 apps to interface with Disney's systems. The goal was to allow users to access and watch their movies effortlessly, across these and all other platforms, wherever their Disney Movies Anywhere app is available. In addition, for the Xbox 360 Disney wanted to allow users to purchase movies. This would require direct integration with Xbox Video, something that Microsoft had not previously allowed.

The Solution

RatioTV was the obvious platform for the Disney Movies Anywhere Roku and Xbox 360 apps. Disney and Ratio worked together to implement RatioTV on these platforms and integrate it with Disney and Microsoft's backend systems. For the Xbox 360 Ratio did a custom integration with the Xbox Video Store to allow for seamless movie purchases from within the Disney Xbox app, the first integration of this kind allowed by Microsoft. To support this Ratio worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that the Xbox Video store and Disney’s backend system worked together for direct movie purchasing and ensuring those purchases are processed and reflected accurately in Disney's system. To meet the aggressive deadlines, Ratio coordinated daily meetings with the Microsoft, Roku and Disney teams with special emphasis on including key decision makers throughout the process. This close integration and timely feedback made it possible to adjust creative, engineering and strategy as challenges arose.


Through regular and purposeful communication with key stake holders, Ratio was able to:
1. Deliver the Roku and Xbox 360 apps on time and on budget
2. Deliver quality products that met Disney's expectations
3. Accomplish deep integration with the Xbox Video store to enable in-app purchasing
4. Finish with delighted clients and proud partners