FOX needed to reach viewers—even when they weren’t watching TV.

FOX engaged Ratio to help with their migration to a new online video platform (OVP). They also needed us to integrate with it to build out a portfolio of apps that would make their content catalog available to viewers. We started by working with the FOX team to design and implement a global content architecture, basically a way to aggregate all of the content needed for their video apps from OVP, CMS, and other systems.

Then the real fun began.

With this in place, we started designing and developing video apps for FOX and their content across all major platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Xbox, and Windows. With each app came the content consumers want, plus video advertising, analytics integration, social login, MVPD authentication, and other supporting features that helped FOX meet its business goals. Each app got its own unique user experience and visual design based on the attributes and capabilities of the platform. They all got the same seamless consumer experience for discovering and watching content. And FOX got to extend and monetize their content catalog.