Bringing Funimation to Multiscreen


Funimation is a leading anime company in North America. They manage a full spectrum of rights for their brands that includes broadcasting, licensing, production, internet, as well as home video sales and distribution. With an extensive and growing content library, they needed to establish an expanded digital presence featuring the new brand and their content catalog in order to get their content out to the devices where users are watching.

This goal - Anime, Anywhere - meant that Ratio had to help them cover the gamut: from phones, to tablets, to streaming boxes and consoles, Funimation needed their content to be available to their users everywhere.

The Work

Funimation was rebranding and needed to launch a slew of new apps to hit the market featuring the new brand. They also needed to get their content distributed out to a wider set of platforms and devices with this new brand in order to make their content ubiquitous and available to fans on their device of choice. They came to Ratio for our in-depth knowledge of the OTT space, and to leverage our relationships with the OEM vendors such as Amazon, Apple, Roku, Microsoft and others.

Ratio's Creative and UX team did a masterful job, creating an overarching user experience that spanned these platforms, while tailoring it to the unique human interface guidelines that each platform maintains. Use of our RatioTV platform enabled a scalable and centralized app development and management approach that saved time and budget for the launch, as it will in managing the apps ongoing.

Overall, Ratio hit the mark - creating world-class apps for Windows, iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox, Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Anime, Anywhere, Delivered!

Our Biggest Challenge

No project would be complete without a challenge or ten! As with any multi-platform engagement, launching the next generation of Funimation apps required extremely close attention to project planning, design, and development. In addition, Funimation wanted to ensure a consistent design and user experience across all platforms, while taking each platform’s unique paradigms into consideration.

Our results

OTT Anime across a half dozen platforms delivered in multiple markets delighting fans!