Not sure what’s for dinner? Here are 2,000 ideas.

Publications International Limited had thousands of great recipes for cooks who don't have access to exotic ingredients, but they needed an app that would help those cooks find, choose, and prepare great meals. So they leveraged a team of food experts and came to us with over 2,000 recipes with photography, recipe details, and easy to follow preparation steps.

Ratio created a ground-breaking iOS cookbook app by designing a rich visual interface to help cooks filter through 2,000 recipes. Now they can add their own recipes, weigh ingredients using a built-in scale feature in selected recipes, create shopping lists based on any recipe, and add their own ingredients. We also integrated AirPrint so they can wirelessly print recipes and shopping lists from their iPads, and we made recipes sharable on email and Facebook. There’s even video content on select recipes.

And the pièce de résistance?

Our best idea completely sets iCookbook apart from similar applications—cooks can use Voice Command in Prepare mode to move through a recipe without having to touch their iPad and get food all over it. The result is beautiful and unique, a must-have application to help cooks find great new meal ideas and recipes—one that just happens to set a new standard in recipe and cookbook applications for the iOS platform. It has since spawned other versions to serve specialized markets: Butterball, crockpot cooking, even recipes optimized for diabetics. And PIL can now monetize their content with an in-app store that sells curated packs of 10-30 recipes, turning the app into a living content organism.


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