PIL needed to get 2,000 recipes onto the screens their users love.

Publications International Limited had thousands of recipes in their catalog, and they wanted to share them with cooks. So they reviewed their content with a team of experts and pared it down to (only!) 2,000 recipes. Then they rewrote the recipes for cooks in places where they can't get specialized, exotic ingredients. Then they brought us the recipes with photographs, details, and easy-to-follow preparation steps, and asked us to create a unique and ground-breaking cookbook application. For all major consumer platforms.

So we revolutionized the category.

The first problem is finding a new way help cooks to choose which recipe to use. That meant a searchable base of recipes that cooks can access through the rich visual interface we designed. We included ways for cooks to add their own ingredients and recipes, weigh ingredients using a built-in scale feature in selected recipes, and create shopping lists from each recipe. We also integrated AirPrint so they can wirelessly print recipes and shopping lists from their iPads, and we made recipes sharable on email and Facebook. There’s even video content on select recipes. But our best idea completely sets iCookbook apart from similar applications—cooks can use Voice Command in Prepare mode to move through a recipe without having to touch their iPad and get food all over it. (Thus far, this is only available on iOS.) The result is beautiful and unique, a must-have application to help cooks find great new meal ideas and recipes—one that just happens to set a new standard in recipe and cookbook applications for the iOS platform. It has since spawned other versions to serve specialized markets: Butterball, crockpot cooking, even recipes optimized for diabetics. PIL has also monetized their content with an in-app store that sells curated packs of 10-30 recipes, turning the app into a living content organism.