We put Machinima’s entire video catalogue on Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 was the number one gaming console in 2013. And with over 80 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide, it’s also an entirely new channel for media consumption and advertising. Video game content creator Machinima wanted to monetize content with more video ad inventory. To do that, they needed to get their catalog of over 650,000 videos onto as many devices and endpoints as they could, which meant they needed the Xbox 360 platform. And to drive engagement, they also needed to ensure that their Xbox 360 app made content available to viewers in unique and personalized ways. We developed an Xbox 360 application that integrates with their proprietary content management system, analytics, social and advertising providers. The challenge was that their application is unusual on the Xbox 360 platform—other than a few graphic images, all content within the app is dynamically generated based on deep integration with Machinima’s CMS.

RatioTV made it easy.

Now users can access all of Machinima’s videos, based entirely on the video catalog in Machinima’s CMS. The app lets users favorite videos and subscribe to channels they love, such as videos created by a specific game director. If a user chooses to share personal information, Machinima can aggregate it and use it to dynamically serve unique content tailored to their preferences. The user can also choose to share information across their social network. The app we created also supports targeted pre-and mid-roll advertising along with DynamicBackground ads, a unique ad unit to RatioTV. Over the past year, we’ve been developing and refining RatioTV, our licensed application framework, which helps media and entertainment companies get the most out of their Xbox LIVE application.

Our Machinima Xbox app was the fastest downloaded app on Xbox for 2013.

We’re gonna say that again: the Machinima app we created was the fastest downloaded app on Xbox for 2013. And it continues to help users become better gamers in 2014. It also helps Machinima continue to monetize its content catalog of over 650,000 videos on 80 million Xbox consoles.