Following up on the birds-and-bees talk.

If you've never been through pregnancy and a child’s first two years, the changes can be dizzying. We helped Parents Magazine, a Meredith Property, create an app experience that helps keep new parents informed about what’s happening during this crucial time by presenting their incredible resources for parents in a unique and interesting way.

We broke it up into weeks.

As every parent knows, pregnancies are measured in weeks. You restart the clock when your child is born, but you still count in weeks. So “weeks as a unit of measure” became how we presented content. In the app, each “week” offers the most important information and photos at developmental stages from Pregnancy to Toddler. To make the content match the current stage of development, users can personalize the app by entering their due date or their child’s actual birthday. They can also add weekly reminders to the calendar for upcoming weeks. The result is an engaging application that’s ideal for Windows 8.