Pokémon uses RatioTV to power a suite of ConnectedTV apps

We brought Pikachu to the big screen

PokémonTV already has wildly successful iOS and Android apps featuring video content – Ratio worked with Pokémon to launch these first PokémonTV apps in 2013. These apps have been performing so well that Pokémon decided it was time to take their content to the TV directly. To do this, Pokémon engaged Ratio to create a suite of ConnectedTV apps for its fans using the RatioTV platform. Working closely with Pokémon’s marketing and IT teams, Ratio designed and created Roku, AppleTV and FireTV apps. Each allows fans to dive into Pokémon’s rich library of video content and watch it in a true 10 foot experience.

RatioTV made it easy

Ratio used RatioTV to launch the ConnectedTV apps for Pokémon. Integrated with their existing infrastructure, RatioTV allows Pokémon to manage the apps dynamically and make ongoing changes and updates without having to push out new versions of the apps. At the same time, each app is true to Pokémon’s brand in a seamless set of native ConnnectedTV experiences. Because RatioTV has existing native client applications – shell apps – on each of these platforms we focused much of our work on the design of an intuitive and on-brand user experience. Each platform has unique and different guide, storefront and application experiences, all of which are supported by RatioTV. Using RatioTV’s shell apps we were able to partner with Pokémon’s creative and brand teams to create platform-best experiences. At the same time, we worked with Pokémon’s technical team to output RatioTV feeds from their existing infrastructure – largely the same feeds powering the live iOS and Android apps. The Pokémon team continues to use their existing CMS and editorial and curation tools and process just as they did before, with the feeds carrying this information down to each platform app. This process was fast and painless, and the time required for ongoing technical support from Pokémon now that these feeds are in place is minimal.