How did Red Bull become a dominant lifestyle brand?

We helped them.

Red Bull has a huge library of video covering cliff diving, freestyle motocross, break dancing, base jumping, and mountain biking. It uses Red Bull TV to broadcast that video in live event coverage, short clips for online, mini- series, or news use, and TV-ready documentaries and biographical motion pictures. Their media brand, Red Bull Media House needed an app that would surface their content on the screens that their fans love.

Of course Ratio got the call.

We went to meet with the Red Bull Media House content team in Santa Monica to understand their challenges. From there, we created a design that broke the standard UX paradigm for third party apps. It’s a lot like the gaming experiences common on Xbox—slicker and smoother than other media players. We deployed the Red Bull TV app using Ratio TV, our Connected TV app framework that helps media companies drive engagement by giving users compelling experiences on multiple platforms. Ratio TV also provides unique monetization features, dynamic navigation, and live programming that delivers content in real-time via integration with an existing CMS. Now a growing audience of Red Bull fans can enjoy the free content they love wherever they go on the devices they prefer. Red Bull can drive engagement, merchandise content, and monetize Red Bull TV through video ads—with an app whose ongoing management, maintenance, and update costs fall well below the traditional model.