Disney Launches Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Fan Experience on Xbox One

Disney sought to create a one of a kind application geared towards Star Wars fans to coincide with The Force Awakens release to DVD and digital. Fans can interact with The Force Awakens experience through photo galleries from scenes of the movie, behind the scene video shorts, and a Star Wars trivia game! We were super excited when asked to create this application for Disney, many members of the team are huge fans of Star Wars, so this was a great opportunity.

Our Approach

Disney challenged us to finish this project extremely fast, which required us to move quickly and efficiently. We wanted it t be more than an ordinary Xbox application, so we looked for ways to showcase the content creatively. We started by immersing the user in the Star Wars realm with a parallax space background and interfaces mimicking an HUD from a fighter.

Agencies like Ratio always give their best efforts when designing applications. Like all other projects, we had a tight-knit group of members working on this application, each member with specific roles. It was not a surprise that every member of this team did better than what was expected, whether it be leadership, excellent application design, certification work, azure service work and QA testing.

Overall It Was a Success!

We are proud of the work and it turns out fans are too, the app has A 4-star application with over 300 reviews in a short time!

The Trivia game (showed in the image above ) is one of the favorite features of the app. There are ranks that you can earn based on your score that you get from answering the questions correctly. You start as a "Padawan" and if you know your stuff you can level all the way up to a "Jedi Master".

Through the many changes they were presented with, the team was still able to deliver on time with even more than what the client was expecting! As an example of the quality of the app, the application moved straight to final certification and passed the first time through! (For those of you who have been through Xbox cert this is very noteworthy!)

Big props to the project team who were able to deliver with great results in just a matter of weeks, creating a well received experience, and innovating with new techniques!