Tribeca Shortlist


Tribeca Shortlist provides users with carefully curated movies selected by a range of film industry experts, actors, directors and well-known influencers who know and love movies. Each curator, or Shortlister, provides an introduction to a Shortlist they have created, sharing why they’ve selected the movies in their list and what viewers can expect to see. The Ratio team designed and developed unique native app experiences for Tribeca Shortlist (TSL) on the Amazon Fire TV and Roku platforms (the Tribeca Shortlist Roku app was the first app to ship using Roku’s new SceneGraph SDK). The apps provide users with a seamless experience to explore and consume TSL’s carefully curated content. Using TSL’s existing concept of Shortlists, Ratio adapted this feature for both platforms.

The Challenge

One of the initial challenges was organizing the architecture of Shortlists and their related content within the constraints of both platforms. Users needed to be able to navigate not just between shortlists and their introductory content, but also be able to view the content and the associated intro videos within each shortlist without having to navigate away from their current location in the app. Another challenge presented itself during development, as Roku prepared to release SDK 2.0, which was an overhaul of the existing system. Documentation had yet to be released, so Ratio’s development team hunkered down to learn the new system. Being first is exciting, but can be harrowing too! More about Roku SDK 2.0 here.

The Solution

Based on the unique hierarchy of the catalog, Ratio developed a customized UI for the TSL Fire TV and Roku apps allowing users to delve into Shortlists to watch nested content, nested curator intros (called Why Watch It videos), as well as related content that is housed outside of a particular shortlist. As the development team learned the new Roku SDK 2.0 system, they found further opportunities to push the limits of the existing UI paradigms and enhance those to better suit Tribeca Shortlist’s native app experience.