Ratio and Turner create new Roku apps for TBS and TNT

According to a new study from research firm eMarketer, Roku continues its dominance as the leading connected-TV device brand in the U.S.

In 2017, an estimated 38.9 million Americans will use a Roku at least once per month, up 19% from last year.

TBS and TNT, both networks owned by Turner Broadcasting, are focused on comedy and drama, as well as a variety of major professional sports leagues, events and content. Both are leaders in the intensely competitive broadcast media space. Extending their reach to the growing audience on Roku was a natural extension of their distribution strategy. The expansion to Roku is a key component in a larger Turner initiative to transform the viewing experience across the company's leading portfolio of entertainment, kids, news and sports brands. Embracing Roku underlines the company's commitment to reaching and engaging new audiences across all platforms and providing fans with their favorite premium content – anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Working in concert with Turner, the Ratio team designed, built and launched Roku SceneGraph channel applications for both TBS and TNT. As a premier Roku partner, our experience enabled us to create beautiful and performant living room experiences that users expect and appreciate. Following are a few notable features of the TNT and TBS Roku channels:

  • TNT and TBS brand content is cross-promoted with the custom “Spotlight” feature, allowing cross-brand content promotion and sampling. For example, the NBA Finals were promoted in the TBS app, and the user was able to quickly jump into the TNT app to watch this content when selected.
  • Play-state tracking was implemented to provide users with the ability to smoothly switch from one device to another without losing their viewing progress in a movie or episode.
  • Roku’s advertising framework (RAF) is used to track user impressions delivered through server-side ad stitching.

Early in our journey together, the Ratio and Turner teams identified business and technical advantages of an approach consisting of a single, configuration-controlled codebase. Based on this approach, the TBS and TNT Roku channels were built in a timely and cost-effective manner, with required brand-differentiating flexibility and server controls.

Ratio is proud to have partnered with our TBS and TNT friends at Turner Broadcasting to launch two leading Roku channels. Launched in May 2017, just in time to broadcast the NBA Finals, these Roku channel applications have been featured by Roku on their blog and through featured placements within the Roku store.

We welcome you to experience TBS and TNT’s premium content with us on your Roku!