One of web’s largest uses RatioTV to launch Xbox app

Yahoo! Screen brings video to the Xbox platform

Yahoo! Screen is one of the largest video portals on the web, featuring content ranging from breaking news and events to the entire catalog of Saturday Night Live episodes. Yahoo! has signed content deals with Comedy Central, Buzzfeed, The NFL, LiveNation, Vevo and The NBA to create a massive library of video content covering dozens of topics and genres and generating millions of views on a monthly basis. Yahoo! needed a partner to help them take this massive library beyond the web, starting with the Xbox platform.

RatioTV provided the flexibility Yahoo! required

Yahoo! plans to continue growing its video catalog both through original content and additional licensing deals. Knowing this, and that additional content may not fit into the taxonomy of the current catalog, Yahoo! required a solution that would allow real-time updates of the Xbox app – not just the content but the full presentation layer and UI itself. Based on the RatioTV architecture of a native shell app and the RatioTV schema, Yahoo! has the flexibility to manage the User Experience of the app completely – from the navigation to the layouts to the featured content within every screen, and every tile. No title updates required. So, when Yahoo! announced a new content deal with LiveNation, in which they would be broadcasting a live concert every day, the Xbox app was ready. With simple updates to the feeds showing the inclusion of Live Events, the Xbox app rendered this new section of the app right along with the featured content Yahoo! wanted. As additional content deals are struck, the app can continue to evolve and change to support them dynamically, and without significant development, QA and certification cycles.